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Answers to Common Reunion Questions

How is the reunion price determined? Since there are no $ set aside for a reunion, we utilize a formula with the following data, the size of your class, decade of your reunion, past attendance history, the reunion venues financial requirements, your menu, and the day of the week your reunion is held to establish ticket prices.

What services does Reunion Specialists provide? Database creation & management, secure reunion website, credit card processing, phones, labor, taxes, reunion venue deposit & contract, reunion night staff, email blasts, entertainment, AV, decorations, photography, biographies, bar, security, social media, reunion biography booklets, name badges, and keepsake centerpieces. If the reunion is not paperless, postal address search and the additional printing and postage necessary for mailing of save the date cards and invitations.

I am having trouble "Confirming my Whereabouts"? Legal First & Maiden names are used in the creation of the class database, if the system does not recognize you please call or email Reunion Specialists at 760-721-0525 or

Will I receive a payment confirmation? If you pay online by the reservation deadline, you will receive an email confirmation from Reunion Specialists.

Will I receive tickets in the mail? No, for your convenience, your name badge(s) will be held at check-in under the last name you graduated with.

I have special dietary restrictions? Once you have purchased your tickets please call or email Reunion Specialists at 760-721-0525 or

Can I show up at the door without a reservation? We highly recommend making your reservation prior to the night of the reunion due to the limited amount of "at the door guests", the venue can accommodate. Our drop down payment options include a "pay at the door" option. We accept cash and credit cards only the night of the reunion.

What do I wear? Most reunion committees suggest "Cocktail Casual Attire" which is dressy-casual. However, you want to wear something that you are comfortable in.

When and where can I see our Reunion photos? Reunion photos will be available online approximately one week after your reunion at: "

Do you accept checks? Checks will be accepted if received at least 3 weeks prior to your reunion.

What If I am unable to attend my reunion? You can still participate by submitting a biography & photo. If you would like to order a reunion biography booklet, please select the "Make your reunion reservation and order reunion add-on items" link, and then select Non-Attendee Booklet.

What is the Missing List? Missing alumni are those alumni for whom we do not have a current postal address. Unfortunately, most schools do not aid in the planning of class reunions therefore your committee and Reunion Specialists have to construct a class list from Commencement Programs, yearbooks and past reunion directories.

What happens to pictures taken at the reunion? Reunion Specialists may use media (i.e. photos, video, audio) from the reunion event for our own purposes, including but not limited to marketing or promotional use. In addition, please keep in mind media from the reunion may be posted by Reunion attendees to third party websites. Attendance at a reunion event serves as your implicit consent for release of this media. No further notification or permission will be sought.

What are Reunion Specialists' rights? Reunion Specialists reserves the right to refuse admittance to or remove from the reunion any persons at any time for any reason.